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Thanks for Putting up with My Shit, Mom - Personalized Soy Candle

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Thanks for putting up with all of my shit, Mom

Did you give your Mom a hard time? Does she love snark and cursing? This is the gift for her!

This candle comes censored (sh*t)
If you want the word uncensored, please let me know in the notes at checkout!

H O W T O O R D E R:

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Main listing image = 9oz standard.
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T O P 1 0 F R A G R A N C E S:

•Apple Cider Donut
•Autumn Spice (nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, caramel)
•Autumn Wreath (spice, woods, apple)
•Cozy Blanket (cotton, amber)
•Cranberry Marmalade
•Falling Leaves (nectar, fruit, leaves)
•Hoodie Weather (eucalyptus, juniper, mint)
•Lavender Woods (cologne lavender cedar leaf)
•Pecan Pumpkin Waffles
•Red Cedar Cabin (cedar & saffron)