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Timeline for A to Z Candles:

??? - June 2015: Buying big box candles and wax melts were giving me headaches, allergies, and making my asthma worse. After research, I realize it was the paraffin wax and the harsh fragrance oils that were the problem. I also realized these companies may test on animals. 


June 2015: Ordered my first batch of soy candle making supplies and used my stove to make them. 


September 30th, 2015: A to Z Candles opens on Etsy, making tin candles in many different fragrances. 


March 2016: Shop really picks up after learning how to be found on Etsy. I also premiered my personalized candle line. 


February 2017: Opened atozcandles.com


December 2017: My BIGGEST Christmas to date! I was so busy that I was working until 2am and waking up again at 6. For FIVE WEEKS. Changes were coming to make A to Z Candles more streamlined and simple for me and YOU! 


May 2018: My biggest Mother’s Day season. After having some shipping assistance, I realized it was time to move out of my basement and into a warehouse. 


June 2018: New 2,000 sq. ft. warehouse is fully operational. Prepping for Halloween, Autumn, and Christmas! I also have room to make candles in advance, making my production time much quicker. 


May 2019: We are now a full time husband and wife team! We work together to make the best fragrances for YOU!


June 2019: A to Z Candles is now Leaping Bunny Certified! We have provided the proper documentation to pledge our cruelty-free and vegan status! 

July 2020: We welcomed our newest member of A to Z Candles, Ashley! (Amanda's sister)


 Welcome to the A to Z Candles family!



Amanda comes from a strong Customer Service background.  Phone, email, call centers, in-person. You name it. "I believe my experience is a key ingredient to the A to Z Candles recipe. I handle customer service, paperwork, label making, and scent-finding here at A to Z Candles.  I built this website, took all of the photos, and answer your questions!  If you contact me, you will get me, the owner of the shop! I love a good plant-based meal, classic rock, and a healthy mix of coffee & tea. I love relaxing at home with my family and going to 90's music shows with my best friend."

Aaron is our box builder, label applier, packing expert, and also helps with most of the day to day activities here at A to Z. We don't skimp on packaging. No one wants broken candles. 

Ashley came from management at a local tanning salon. She is now our official product maker! Candles, melts, room sprays, and reed diffusers. We are so happy to have her on our team!


A to Z Candles is here because:

  • I really love candles. I have been a candle fanatic my entire adult life, always having a different scent going every day of the week. After learning about the harmful ingredients in my favorite brand, and realizing they may animal test, I decided it was time to make them myself. The last two years have been dedicated to perfecting my trade. I am always educating myself and making my products better and better for you and me.  

  • I don't like paraffin wax.  It irritates my asthma and allergies.  Plus it is really bad for you to breathe and for the environment.  No bueno.  Want to learn more about the differences of paraffin and soy wax?  Visit my Why Soy? page. 

  • I wanted to start a business from home doing what I love.  So I did. 

  • I wanted to use products that were strictly cruelty-free and vegan.  I do not use palm wax, beeswax, or any fragrances with harmful phthalates. 

I make my products with the highest quality ingredients.  Each and every purchase is made to order with love and care.  This shop is my livelihood and I take it very seriously!

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Est. 2015

Feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns you may have.  I am happy to help! 

We offer wholesale to brick and mortar shops, please email us for more information. 

*Please, no soliciting for free product or donations. I am currently a  sponsor for two animal sanctuaries and I am unable to donate further at this time.