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About the Maker / Contact

Hi!  Welcome to my shop!  My name is Amanda and I'm the lady behind the wax burners!  I love a good plant-based meal, classic rock, and a healthy mix of coffee & tea.  My dog Max is my shipping coordinator and my daughter is the Z of A to Z Candles, helping me pack your Thank You envelopes!  I love relaxing at home with my family and going to 90's music shows with my best friend.
Amanda at A to Z Candles
I come from a strong Customer Service background.  Phone, email, call centers, in-person. You name it. I believe my experience is a key ingredient to the A to Z Candles recipe.  
I handle everything here at A to Z Candles.  I built this website, take all of the photos, make all of the products, the labels, ship the orders, answer your questions... you name it!  If you contact me, you will get me.  
Small businesses kind of rock, huh?


A to Z Candles is here because:

  • I really love candles. I have been a candle fanatic my entire adult life, always having a different scent going every day of the week. After learning about the harmful ingredients in my favorite brand, and realizing they may animal test, I decided it was time to make them myself. The last two years have been dedicated to perfecting my trade. I am always educating myself and making my products better and better for you and me.  
  • I don't like paraffin wax.  It irritates my asthma and allergies.  Plus it is really bad for you to breathe and for the environment.  No bueno.  Want to learn more about the differences of paraffin and soy wax?  Visit my Why Soy? page. 
  • I wanted to start a business from home doing what I love.  So I did. 
  • I wanted to use products that were strictly cruelty-free and vegan.  I do not use palm wax, beeswax, or any fragrances with harmful phthalates. 

I make my products with the highest quality ingredients.  Each and every purchase is made to order with love and care.  This shop is my livelihood and I take it very seriously!


Located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Est. 2015

Feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns you may have.  I am happy to help!