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Frequently Asked Questions

The candle sizes seem very small for the cost, why should I order?
Soy wax burns slower and at a lower temperature. Comparing to big box paraffin candles:  My 4oz candle will burn just as long (and cleaner!) than a 6oz paraffin candle.  My 16oz size can burn as long as a 22oz paraffin candle!  
But wait! Why are you still using fragrance oils and not essential oils?
Simple. Essential oils are not made to be heated to candle making & burning temperatures. They can either (1) burn off in the making or burning process, or (2) become toxic when exposed to the excessive heat. Did you also know that some pure essential oils aren't safe for pets, small children, and pregnant women?  I'll pass on those problems and use candle approved, premium quality fragrance oils that also include candle-grade (ultra low levels of) blended essential oils. 
When will my order ship? 
All A to Z Candles orders will ship in 3-5 business days, excluding large quantity wholesale orders, unless another lead time is noted at the top of this website. 
Do you confirm cruelty-free status with your suppliers? 
100% YES! My suppliers do not test their products on animals.  I check semi-annually. 
What's up with soy?
Soy wax contains no petroleum byproducts like paraffin wax.  You won't have black soot all over the candles and your walls, and soy also burns slower.  Soy is asthma and allergy friendly, as well as eco-friendly. My soy wax is 100% pure soy with no genetically modified materials, pesticides, herbicides, or stabilizers. It's also grown right here in the USA!  
I also do not use beeswax because it is well known that bees can go through harsh treatment and they have to work harder than ever for us. Not cool. Just because it is "good" for us, doesn't mean we steal their hard work and make them do it over and over again. Go vegan. Stop making animals our slaves. 
How much is shipping?
I make shipping simple. $3.00 for US addresses. Flat rate. Buy one item or ten, it's $3.00.  Live abroad? Contact me and I will be happy to quote your postage depending on the item(s) in which you are interested.  I do ship everywhere through my Etsy shop.