Recycling our packaging


Thanks for visiting! Here are the main components of our packaging and products and how to recycle or reuse!



Bubble wrap: our bubble wrap is made with post-recycled materials. Please reuse or recycle at ANY grocery bag recycling stop (usually in the front of grocery stores.)

Recycle at home:
Glassine (white) wax melt bags
Glass jars for our diffusers and sprays
Shredded paper
Packing peanuts (also biodegradable - made with corn starch)
Packing Slip with order information
Candle Jars with metal tab
Candle lids

Reuse our room spray bottles for water or other non-food products.
Reuse candle jars.
Reuse our Kraft bags (discontinued) or compost. 

Wax melt wax can be thrown away, it will biodegrade. 

Any questions? Please email us at