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Tea Light Wax Melter, Earthen Oven Wax Warmer

Tea Light Wax Melter, Earthen Oven Wax Warmer

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This warmer is an ode to old-world oven design, with a matte & gloss terracotta finish. The southwestern design is a pleasing sight as it fills your room with A to Z Candles fragrance. The opening on the side holds the tea light candle, and the reservoir at the top can hold a mini melt or two cubes of a full melt pack. Light the candle and enjoy!

Dimensions: 3 3⁄8" x 3 1⁄8" x 5"

Once the scent is gone, gently place the entire melter in the freezer (once the wax is hardened,) for about a half an hour, and the wax will come right out! Wax melts, mini melts, and tea light candles are sold separately.

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