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Walkin' on sunshine, Fruit floral clean car freshener, sachet

Walkin' on Sunshine - Car Freshener, Scented Sachet

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I'm walkin' on sunshine... woooahhh!

This scent reminds me of a warm spring day in Ohio, with notes of citrus and melon, combined with a light floral scent made with daisy and wild honeysuckle. A breath of fresh air!

Because your car should smell good, too! Bring your favorite A to Z Candles fragrances along for the ride with my scented sachet car fresheners. The elastic cord is attached and ready to hang on the rear view (or anywhere, really) so you can enjoy up to three weeks of fragrance. Give it a little shake every now and then to refresh.

You can keep my sachets in small spaces, too! Think lockers, drawers, closets, and even small bathrooms!

Size: 3" x 4" organza bag.

Materials: Elastic string, sachet rocks, and premium fragrance oils.

Keep out of reach of children.

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